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Wooden Boat Magazine - the website for Wooden Boat magazine.

Amazon books - searching on "Wooden boats" or "Building wooden boats" throws up some interesting reading.

Other Associations

Norfolk & Suffolk Boating Association - "In an increasingly legislated world, nsba represents boating people in Norfolk and Suffolk. Whether you race or cruise under power or sail, nsba represents your interests, with Whitehall, the Broads Authority and local government. nsba is the body through which local boating organisations talk to each other and co-ordinate their activities."

Royal Yachting Association - "Promoting and protecting boating."

The Old Gaffers Association - "The aims of the Old Gaffers Association are to preserve interest in and encourage development of Gaff Rig, and to participate in the maintenance of our Maritime Heritage."

The Steam Boat Association of Great Britain - "To foster and encourage steam boating and the building, development, preservation and restoration of steam boats and steam machinery."

Classic Motor Boat Association of Great Britain - "The intention of the association is to draw together enthusiasts of classic motor boats so that members can race at organised rallies, help each other on restoration projects and general enjoyment of classic boats."

Australian Wooden Boat Association - "The Wooden Boat Association comprises groups from throughout Australia, open to all owners, builders, restorers and lovers of boats made of wood (not surprisingly). Old, new, carvel, clinker, ply, composite. We don't care. As long as it's got wood. Lots of wood. The more wood the better really."

The Antique and Classic Boat Society - "To bring people together with a common interest in historic, antique and classic boats, sharing fellowship, information, experience and exchange of ideas."

Buying boat related paraphenalia online...

www.outdoorexplorer.co.uk - Online chandlery shop. Click on the link and then select the 'Chandlery' category.

www.boatsnbits.co.uk - Online chandlery shop

www.boatbitz.co.uk- Online shop